Children’s Story on Sustainable Development

18 septiembre, 2012

Due to the high demand that this children’s story is having in the Internet polls, I have decided to edit it in book form so that it can be downloaded as an electronic copy which can be easily printed.

Children’s Story on Sustainable Development 1

It is not just a story for children either, it is intended for adults as well. The same generation of adults that has become the worst example for children as we are destroying the world they will inherit from us. Therefore, this story is doubtlessly meant to be, above all, a lesson for our children. A lesson to teach the way forward and so that one day they will indeed dare reproach us for what we, in our own selfishness and fatal greed, forget easily.

I hope this children’s story about sustainable development proves encouraging and an incentive for people who are already committed to a sustainable future. I hope they feel they are not alone. This will serve to encourage them further, to draw strength from weakness and continue to strive for a sustainable future for our children and our grandchildren. Likewise, I would like those people who are lukewarm, but honest and fair, to read it as well. Who knows what will happen next?.