Is Basque Japanese after all, because their word for bird is the same?

I lived in Japan for several years, a long time ago, and then I was able to speak in Japanese. In less than a year, I managed to understand myself in that language and it is true that I was surprised by some similarities between some declensions of language (locative), diminutives, and the fact that there were some similar words in both Japanese and Basque. An ancient language spoken in Baskonia and in Europe for more than 13,000 years.

It is true that Tori, in Japanese means Bird, and that in Basque is said Txori, Xori. In addition, there are other words that also have a lot of similarity, such as:

Bakari (Japanese), Bakarrik (Basque), Only (English)

Nushi (Japanese), Nagusi (Basque), Owner (English)

Kore (Japanese), Hori, Kori (Basque), This (English)

Ani (Japanese), Anai (Basque), Brother (English)

Utxi (Japanese), Etxe (Basque), House (English)

Shiroi (Japanese), Xuri (Basque), White(English)

And so other more. But, in any case, just as the fall of a few leaves does not make Autumn, those Japanese words that coincide with their corresponding Basque words do not make them similar languages.

Actually, I can say without risk of being wrong that both languages ​​are totally different. There are many Hebrew words that match words in Basque. To date, I have counted more than thirty that are not religious terms and I know that more can be found, but that is another topic that we will talk about it later, when the occasion arises.

(Sunset in Baskonia & Sunrise in Japan)


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