Do the past, the present and the future all happen simultaneously or is time linear and the future has not happened yet?

Not at all. The past, the present, and the future don’t happen simultaneously. We can see the past and the present from the future. It seems obvious. But it is impossible to see the future from the past. Nothing is determined in advance. Actually, thousands of different futures await us and the future we reach will depend a lot on what we decide to do now to come to a future or to other one.

Currently, we travel in the future at a speed of one second per second in the direction of the future. If someone traveled in the future at a speed of ten seconds per second, it would be ahead of the time axis in relation to others. We could say that he is in our future.

The problem is that there is no way to travel in the past. He will always be stuck in the future because it is impossible for him to return to the past from the future. In order to return, he would have to find a path that would allow him to do so, but this clashes frontally with the second principle of thermodynamics, according to which the entropy of an isolated system can never diminish. In this way, past, present and future are therefore irremediably separated by the passage of time.

When an isolated system reaches a configuration of maximum entropy level, it can not change because it has reached equilibrium. In short, from the entropy that gives us information about the evolution of an isolated system over time, we can say that it also points out the direction of the “arrow of time” that goes from the past up to the present, to walk later towards the future, without being able to reverse.

This arrow of time is precisely the one that prevents us from traveling in the past because so that it becomes possible, entropy would have to decrease and that is scientifically impossible. Similarly, it also prevents the past, the present and the future from happening simultaneously. In other words, as we move into the future, entropy also increases, making the return to the past impossible.


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