How can we make the world a better place?

The answer to the question about what could help the world to be a better place can be long and complex. And, above all, in the current times, we need it to be simple and brief so that we do not lose sight of which are the main objectives, so that these will not be diluted with the rest and lose relevance. Nor can it be simplified so much that, in the end, expressed in an exhaustive manner, then nothing is said.

Consequently, I will try to specify that I think it could help more to make the world a better place. So, after reflecting on it, I have come to consider these that there is only one key factor in helping to achieve a better world.

Governance and leadership strongly committed to the construction of the future being a better place for all

Which means that we must prepare in advance, the future in the short, medium and long term because freedom does not mean doing what we want anymore but in creating the conditions so that, in the future, we can opt for what suits us and that means good governance and good leadership.

In the current times, I must recognize with deep sorrow, that I have not known only one leader whose main purpose is to build for his people, at least, a better place. We choose as our representatives among mediocre politicians who do not know what they want, nor how they can achieve what little they say they will do. They are only interested in the short term.

In effect, all policies, without exception, to a greater or lesser extent, are experiencing a significant loss of vision with respect to time. What it means to get it immediately has become the maximum value. All ideals are governed only by the tyranny of the short term. What makes it impossible to achieve long-term objectives because there is much to be undone little by little, if we want to build a better place.

It seems as if the short term constitutes the only horizon that we keep as a reference to justify our actions. The short term has become the indispensable space-time place where the financial markets are. And also the satisfaction of our needs, the desire for love and happiness and, unfortunately, also the usefulness of policies.

The world that make up the media has also established the short term as the only newsworthy reference. By decree of those who hold such means, the long term is not even news. How much ignorance and how much historical error we are committing!

In effect, submerged in the serious economic depression that we are suffering, it introduces us into the end of an Era, in one of the last phases of the productive model that we have known for almost a century and a half and that is based on cheap energies, consumerism and speculation, the creation of financial bubbles of all kinds and financial leverage, include the quantitative easing.

It is an obsolete model that has been degenerating as a system based on the real value of the economy. The creation of bubbles based on speculation is the only way to grow developed economies, despite their loss of productive competitiveness.

With the massive deployment of the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, this brings us closer and closer to the global collapse. But if we are smart and prepare ourselves in time, we can achieve to make the planet that better place we all dreamed of. And if we fight from now on, we will have achieved that our dreams germinate the reality of our future. Let’s see!.

In conclusion, we can never reach a world that is a better place if we do not build the long term according to that from now and allocating our resources, our efforts and the best of us to that purpose.


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